Types of Machinery

Royce Pack is one of the pioneers of rotogravure printing technology in India. We are having cutting edge technology and infrastructure that enables our state of the art manufacturing facility to meet all your flexible packaging needs under one roof. With Royce Pack being only one of the few manufacturing facilities in India to have a capacity of more than 1300 metric tons per month.


We have equipped with state of the art Eight colours and Nine Colours Roto-Gravure high-speed printing machines. All the machine with features like auto-registration, web video, defect detection system and simultaneous reverse and surface printing - which ensure consistent and high-quality multi-colour printing.


We have High-speed Solvent-less, Solvent-based and Water base lamination to combine two or more layers from Nordmeccanica and Narendra Gravure. High heat and chemical resistant laminates specifically engineered to have enhanced barrier properties and bond strengths. Solvent-free lamination ensures that the packaged product is safe for consumption.

Extrusion Lamination


Blown Film

We have our own three-layer blown film manufacturing, which helps us maintain flexibility in the film.


Branding is a decisive factor in the success of any product. We offer various types of pouches that will help add a different dimension to branding. Our high-speed pouching machines can make Fin Seal or Lap Seal Pouches with and without side gussets and Center Fin / Overlap Seal pouches, Three Side Seal Pouches and Offset Fin Seal Pouches.


We have 2 Kody High-quality slitting machines that ensures the coils are wound properly and are free to use on the FFS machines.


We have 2 Narendra U.V. Coating Machines for coating U.V. varnish on printed paper. The application of this U.V. varnish after curing will enhance the Printed paper shine, it will also improve the barrier of Paper laminate which will further improve the shelf life of the product to be packed.