Quality Satisfaction

Royce Pack has set a high benchmark for our Quality requirements, to adhere to international norms of our industry and to achieve customer satisfaction. Our facilities are audited regularly by clients, helping us keep ourselves up to date with the present requirements. We are accredited and certified by BRC, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2018.

We are equipped with a full-fledged lab installed with state of art testing equipment like Co-Efficient of Friction testing, Bond Strength testing, Tensile Strength testing, Burst and Seal testing, WVTR and OTR testing and GC testing. All the material is checked for quality from the time of entering the factory, at every intermediate stage and at till the time of leaving as Finished goods. We are constantly upgrading procedures for process improvement and forming new methods of error prevention which helps to minimize the defects and meet the customer’s specifications through a Total Management system. We also believe in upgrading ourselves regularly with the correct Quality Equipment as per international norms. We also have an in-house Research and Development team which is constantly finding and researching new types and designs of packaging to make sure your product always looks and feels the best.

Having a complete system of Quality Control and Assurance with a dedicated team of trained personnel.